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Accessible to all and beautifully made. I can already notice a progression in my drawings, love this tool. Thanks for sharing your tips ! :)

Lucy S.

The book is a miracle, I advise everyone

Oleg E.

This book is amazing!

Jalen H.

Managed a relatively realistic eye for literally the first time ever on my first attempt having just gone through the book. Learned literally so much in just a few pages, honestly so worth it and excited to keep practicing and absorbing what I’ve learned about textures, hatching, shapes, angles etc. Can’t wait to attempt a full face!

Dan V.

Los Angeles, CA


Thank you, it has benefited a lot, clear and accurate steps.

Mohammed K.

Hello there

I am Thomas Letor, you might have seen me sketch on the plane, or stumbled into my anime VS realism on tiktok...! In fact, i always carry on a sketchbook everywhere i go. I'm a graduated architect but my real passion is drawing, the only time of the day i feel truly at peace, like a meditation... I truly believe drawing can be a good thing for anyone who's willing to give it a try. It's a privileged time we get to put our focus onto a moment that requires attention to details and dedication. I've been perfecting my techniques and drawing knowledge for the past 7 years and now I'm willing to share it all with you.

Learn how to draw faces ste by step sketching tutorial for beginners by thomas letor

Drawing faces part II

Ebook 2

Drawing faces from imagination

Ebook 2 is my ultimate face drawing guide.

Through many step by step drawings, I unveil my favorite method to draw any portrait while stimulating your imagination.

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How to draw faces - Part 1How to draw faces - Part 2

The art of portraiture

Drawing guides

All my best kept drawing tips

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Drawing Factory

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Drawing Factory

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